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Jim - GM/GSM
Jim has a stable employment history directly attributed to his process management style. During the last 12 years, Jim has seen progression in his employment with 2 dealerships leading to the General Manager position. He is familiar and competent in NCM Management Groups and is a firm believer in "benchmarking". Jim has strong beliefs in systems which help not only develop traffic but methods to control that traffic. ADP tracking, Joe Verde training, and Cowboy software are just a few methods Jim has used successfully. The ideal position would be with a company located in South or Southeast doing 300+ a month volume.
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Ed - GSM
TOTALLY A FORD GUY- Ed has been in the retail car business since graduating from college in 1985. Two employers in 17 years is a strong indicator of his professionalism which has allowed him to progress to the General Sales Manager level in a 200 month volume store. Ed is a hands on GSM who has strong beliefs in managing the sales process. Relocation preference is Mid-Atlantic States where he grew up.
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Wayne is an experienced service manager with Ford, Nissan and Toyota brands. He has stability with 3 employers in 17 years. Factory awards adorn his walls. Wayne is a proactive manager who knows how to build the business profitably. Targeted service department would be medium sized with room for growth. Relocation preference is the Northwest/West.
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Dave is currently a Team Service Manager in a medium sized Ford store where he has been an important part of the store achieving Blue Oval status. His Dale Carnegie and Professional Service Writing training has helped him achieve #1 status amongst the store's other Team Leaders. A former supervisor of Dave said this about him "keeps his cool with irate customers-is the go to guy among the team leaders-loyalty is unquestioned-tight on detail". Dave is ready for management of a small shop or Asst Manager in a medium to large shop. Geographical preference is Western US.
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Ken has a Bachelor Degree in Accounting but more importantly earned this accreditation while gainfully employed in a near full time position. Franchise and computer experience includes Ford, GM, ADP and some R&R. Ken is extremely proficient in getting all the management reports available out of a system while providing a complete and accurate financial statement by the due date. Volume experience in a 250-300 a month store. Reference comments said "Ken worked every desk in the office and is familiar with the functions-extremely computer literate-team player." Ken prefers the South or Southeast areas.
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Following his Master Degree in Accountancy and CPA accreditation, Larry launched a career with a Big 6 public accounting company for 5 years. This experience lead him into the retail automotive business. His 10 years with 2 dealership groups has provided him the experience to be a integral part of a dealer's participative management group. Larry has a strong interest in being part of the overall management team versus just managing the accounting function and provided financial data. Geographical preference is Southwest. Rocky Mountain States or California.
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Robert is a seasoned Parts Professional capable of managing multiple line inventories valued in excess of $500K. Robert has demonstrated employment stability working for 2 employers during the last 14 years. His successes are numerous in not only inventory control but also to include sales/gross profit growth and manpower productivity. Product line and computer experience include European, Japanese,Asian ,domestic and ADP. Geographical preferences are open.
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